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Course synopsis

The B.Ed. in Special Educational Needs online program is a Bachelor’s program offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT), affiliated to the prestigious European International University (EIU-Paris). The program has been designed for those willing to explore the field of education while gaining detailed know-how regarding SEN. This advanced bachelor’s degree program ensures that you are at par with the global standards. The program provides instructional methods that deliver an exhaustive comprehension of an array of special educational needs, develops your knowledge in general along with skills, techniques and confidence of edifying learners in an inclusive classroom environment globally.

The B.Ed. in Special Education program, offered in an online mode, aims to provide you with a solid base and thorough knowledge in special educational needs and inclusive teaching and grooms you to face diverse roles in inclusive settings involving SEN children. The course also focuses on the latest topics on ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome and Learning Disabilities and help in delivering specially designed instruction and comprehend individualized education program (IEP). The degree awarded by European International University (EIU-Paris) will provide a global touch to your teaching career thus offering a competitive edge and better job positions, making it apt for both aspirants and working teaching professionals.

Career Path

Earning a Bachelor of Education in Special Educational Needs (B.Ed. in SEN) degree endows you with the responsibility of making a difference in the lives of your learners. In addition to teaching, the degree directs you to several other sought-after careers that can help you fulfil your passion of teaching. Many of those who pursue this program, opts for teaching in an array of inclusive settings. Positions you can work for:

  • Inclusive teacher
  • Shadow teacher
  • Teacher-counsellors
  • Work in organizations providing training, services or advocacy for individuals with disabilities
  • Special education curriculum developer
  • Teacher-in-charge in inclusive settings

Curriculum and Credits

Foundation (30 credits Optional)

  • English
  • Communication Strategies
  • Digital Literacy
  • Becoming a better learner
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research Skills & Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Core (50 credits)

  • Foundations of Education
  • Instructional Methods
  • Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation in Education
  • Professional Ethics in Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Issues and Trends in Special Education
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Research Methods in Education
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Approaches to Classroom Management

Specializations (100 credits)

  • Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Understanding Down Syndrome
  • Autism – Features, Identification and Support
  • Autism – A Closer Look
  • Learning Disabilities – Identification and Instructional Approaches
  • Learning Disabilities – Helping your learners with LD
  • Learning Disabilities – A Deeper Look into Varied Disorders

Course Duration and Fees

  • Duration of the course is 3 years
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace and time
  • Course can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Program priced at 2750 USD
  • The program is conducted via an online mode of study
  • Globally recognised certificate from ACT
Bachelor of Education in Special Educational Needs USD
2750 USD
93000 THB
2400 GBP






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This is a very helpful course. It gives me more information and understanding in coping with children with special needs.

Philippines, Dasmarinas City

Experience was good . . . Looking forward to have a great future in this field with the knowledge gained from the course.

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ACT gave me the opportunity to truly understand the children with special needs. The lessons given in every module was truly helpful and useful for a teacher like me.

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