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Why would you pursue special education courses?

You need a SEN course for understanding of the skills involved in working with children with Special Educational Needs. Develop the qualities and build your knowledge which allow you to teach efficaciously and create a positive classroom environment.

Our Achievement

Asian College of Teachers boasts of an impressive 50,000+ alumni and has been the recipient of Global Achievers' Award for Excellence in Education by Indian Achievers Forum, Bangkok, and India and Global Achievers Award Thailand (jointly in association with Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce) in Bangkok.

Our Accreditation

All SEN Courses are designed, developed, and created by Asian College of Teachers Ltd, United Kingdom. These courses are approved by CPD, UK, and endorsed by NCC Education, UK and Short Courses from CACHE, UK through Laser Learning UK. This extensive range of Special Education courses for Teachers is created to equip teachers with the skills apt for an inclusive classroom environment.

Teacher Training Course On Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma In Special Educational Needs (SEN)

If you are looking for a most comprehensive SEN Teacher training course covering ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities, then opt for our any Special Education course available in 3 levels. Learn how teachers assess special kids, plan and prepare lessons, deliver accordingly.

Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma In Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

If you have keen interest in ADHD and looking for a professional course, then enrol in any of our ADHD courses available in 3 levels especially designed to help gain unique strategies for reaching out to children with ADHD in any learning environment.

Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma In AUTISM

As a teaching professional if you are looking at comprehensive knowledge on Autism related to the theoretical aspects of autism and how to work with autistic children, tailoring your teaching with useful strategies then opt for Autism courses available in 3 levels.

Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma In Learning Disabilities (LD)

Learn all about different learning disabilities by opting for this course designed for teachers to equip them with skills and appropriate knowledge which are tailored according to the individual needs of pupils with LD, both in mainstream schools and inclusive classrooms.

Special Needs Education Courses - Asian College of Teachers

Learn from Asia’s Award-winning SEN Teacher Training Institute

SEN Training for Teachers

SEN Courses for Teachers

Looking to enhance your skills and ability to identify & teach children with special needs? Join our online or classroom courses all over India to add value to your teaching career!

SEN Training for Educators

SEN Courses for Educators

Principals, Educators and Administrators at schools must facilitate and enhance the professional capacity of teachers in catering to students with SEN in schools.

SEN Training for Parent

SEN Courses for Parents

Parents with specially-abled children often feel isolated and disillusioned because ‘standard parenting advice’ sometimes doesn’t work. Attend our course to help your Children with Special Needs!

SEN Training for School

SEN Courses for Schools

Schools are encouraged to encourage teachers to attend SEN courses to create an inclusive classroom environment. Try our School programs or workshops held all over India!

Invest in the best of special education teachers
Online SEN Tutor
Supportive online tutors

Our online tutors extend their total support and will provide you with complete guidance and advice anything related to the course.

SEN Trainer for Workshop
Trained facilitators for the workshop

Our classroom facilitators are specialized in providing a range of support so that our students can look forward to a smooth learning experience in the classroom.

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Snippets from SEN Training Batch in Bangkok

SEN Classroom Courses
ACT SEN courses

SEN Courses by ACT provides an insight into the techniques to be employed in an inclusive classroom and while handling varied learners. Get familiar with the principles and methodologies of to teach children with learning difficulties and develop special skills to handle your learners deftly.

This is a very helpful course. It gives me more information and understanding in coping with children with special needs.

Philippines, Dasmarinas City

Experience was good . . . Looking forward to have a great future in this field with the knowledge gained from the course.

Online SEN Courses
Online courses

Asian College of Teachers offers a selected range of unique courses in Special Education, Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities for both aspiring and working teaching professionals interested in the field of SEN. Courses are offered in online mode and can be pursued from anywhere.

Blended SEN Courses
Blended courses

Blended Courses in Special Education are designed for those willing to step into the world of SEN and study in both a traditional setting and online mode. The blended course emphasizes ADHD, Autism, other learning disabilities, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s Syndrome.

ACT gave me the opportunity to truly understand the children with special needs. The lessons given in every module was truly helpful and useful for a teacher like me.

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