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If you are parenting a special child and looking to gain knowledge in different types of special educational needs of your child, then pursue the specially designed Online Special Education Courses for Parents to get acquainted with skills and appropriate knowledge required to ensure the best upbringing for your special child.

Course Synopsis

If you have a child at home with special needs and need to take care of him/her round-the- clock, then possessing a substantial amount of knowledge and skill will help you to effectively look after the special child and provide the additional support. Asian College of Teachers has carefully designed SEN Courses for parents to provide an insight into the different types of special educational needs such as ADHD, Autism, and other learning disabilities, their characteristics and identify them in children and then take the necessary measures to nurture the children appropriately and help them in their daily lives.

The Online Special Education Courses for Parents comprising five phases each for ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities, aims to provide you with a thorough idea and will acquaint you with the types of behaviour related to the various types of special learning needs and how to identify them in your children. It will also equip you with the appropriate strategies and approaches to adopt for maintaining a healthy relationship with the child and foster a healthy environment at home. The course is available online; hence aspirants do not need to attend classes and can pursue the course from their own comfortable space.

Who is this course for?

The course is beneficial for:

  • Parents with special needs child
  • Care-givers of special children
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs willing to open a crèche or a day-care centre



  • ADHD Phase 1 : Understanding children with ADHD
  • ADHD Phase 2 : Diagnostic Process
  • ADHD Phase 3 : Are they putting in any effort?
  • ADHD Phase 4 : ADHD and Brain Activation
  • ADHD Phase 5 : ADHD and Activity Level


  • AUTISM Phase 1 : Learn about Autistic Children
  • AUTISM Phase 2 : Understand the common characteristics of HFA/AS
  • AUTISM Phase 3 : Discover how your child thinks
  • AUTISM Phase 4 : Nurture your child’s social skills
  • AUTISM Phase 5 : Encourage language reciprocity

Learning Disabilities

  • LD Phase 1 : Understanding Learning Disabilities
  • LD Phase 2 : Identifying Children with LDs
  • LD Phase 3 : Making sense of the IEPs
  • LD Phase 4 : Dyslexia
  • LD Phase 5 : Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia

How do you learn?

  • Pursue the course in online mode of learning
  • Course accessible from any corner of the globe at any time
  • You can pursue the course alongside other commitments in your life
  • Comprehensive study materials and case studies
  • ACT Coordinators provide complete support for online learning
  • Assignment at the end of each module
  • Tutors available to clear your doubts and queries

Advantages of the course

  • Candidates gather knowledge required to handle a special child at home by pursuing a globally recognized course from ACT.
  • Each of the five phases comprises topics that are necessary for parents and care-givers to gain knowledge for proper development of their children.
  • The SEN Courses for Parents course comprise case studies along with examples for parents to relate to their situations easily.
  • Flexible course that can be pursued from any part of the world and you can learn at your own pace with adequate tutor support.
  • After course completion, ACT awards a globally recognized certificate that our candidates can make use of in their career too.

Certificate Course Duration & Fees

  • Duration of Certificate course is 4 months
  • Course is reasonably priced at 200 USD/ 160 GBP/ 6900 THB
  • Course can also be pursued in the fast-track mode
  • You can learn at your own pace and time
  • Course can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Completely online with provisions for doubt-clearing sessions
  • Globally recognised certificate from ACT

Support from ACT

  • Complete support throughout the course
  • Raise a ticket and we will reach out to you at the earliest
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Additional webinars to enhance your knowledge

Complete online support from experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers for the Certificate in Special Education Needs for Parents course. Our tutors are committed to helping you achieving your learning goals and are always there to share their knowledge and provide you solutions regarding your queries. Our tutors and coordinators provide you the much needed support and will guide you throughout. Since the course offers flexible learning you can take the opportunity to learn at your own pace and clear all your doubts as and when required.






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This is a very helpful course. It gives me more information and understanding in coping with children with special needs.

Philippines, Dasmarinas City

Experience was good . . . Looking forward to have a great future in this field with the knowledge gained from the course.

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