International Diploma in Inclusive Teaching and Special Educational Needs

International Diploma in Inclusive Teaching and Special Educational Needs

If you are willing to bean inclusive or shadow teacher or keen on venturing into a career in special education or related fields, then this exclusive program will especially be beneficial for you. The International Diploma in Inclusive Teaching and Special Educational Needs is apt for you to develop the requisite expertise in the field of inclusive education. It has been split into 2 distinctmodules alongside Microteaching, comprising online course content and a series of live online workshops to boost your knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of inclusive and special education like ADHD, Autism, numerous learning disabilities and behavioural disorders. Interested individuals from across the globe can study the self-paced online course materials along with theopportunity to attend live online classes, interact with their facilitators and peers and also to collaborate in online activities. The live online sessions have been particularly designed to polish and upgrade the skills of working teaching professionals, teaching aspirants, inclusive teachers, shadow teachers,SEN coordinators and other professionalswithout setting any geographical limitations. According to a latest study, 92% of live online workshop attendees want a live question and answer session at the end of the webinar. Hence, in adherence to this, this much-needed special feature is a part of our live online workshop. Some latest features that are a part of our live online workshops are:

text chat screen-sharing
slide deck whiteboard
live demonstration surveys and polls



You will study online course content on Special Educational Needs with emphasis on ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities in Module 1. Trainees get online access to the module, learn as per their convenience and take the MCQ test at the end of Module 1.


  • ADHD Phase 1: Understanding students
  • ADHD Phase 2: Diagnostic Process
  • ADHD Phase 3: Are they putting in the Effort?
  • ADHD Phase 4: ADHD and Brain Activation
  • ADHD Phase 5: ADHD and Activity Level


  • AUTISM Phase 1:Meet Autistic Students
  • AUTISM Phase 2:Understand the common characteristics of HFA/AS
  • AUTISM Phase 3:Discover how your students think
  • AUTISM Phase 4:Nurture students' social skills
  • AUTISM Phase 5:Encourage language reciprocity

Learning Disabilities

  • LD Phase 1:Understanding Learning Disabilities
  • LD Phase 2:Identifying Students with LDs
  • LD Phase 3:Making sense of the IEPs
  • LD Phase 4:Understanding Service Locations
  • LD Phase 5:Learning the Right Teaching Strategies


Module 2 encompasses a series of live online workshops as stated below. Our SEN live online workshops compriseonline course access and online assignments along with interactive online sessions. Before the session begins, participants will get access to the online course materials. The webinars will be facilitated by expert trainers who will assist you with your lessons and assignments. The sessions being held on a live, virtual platform, are rather interactive and let the participants cooperate with each other together with a bunch of interesting activities facilitated by the trainer. The online assignments will be assessed by our trainers/tutors at the end of the program.There will be live demonstration of inclusive classroom during the webinar.


Microteaching is a crucial part of the program. The aim of microteaching is to make learning effective and meaningful for the participants. After completion of the 2 modules, the trainees have to send a microteaching video (as per instruction) to their coordinators. The videos are then evaluated by the trainers/tutors and appropriate feedback is provided to them.

Who Should Attend?

The course is beneficial for:

  • Apt for those planning to get into inclusive teaching
  • Live platform apt for working or teaching professionals
  • A seamless blend of self-paced and interactive learning
  • Participants will get opportunity to attend live online classes
  • Text communication via chat messaging
  • Individual attention paid to one and all
  • Collaborative activities with trainers & peers virtually
  • Attend our web-sessions globally
  • Cost-effective,no hassle of traveling
  • Complete tutor support


  • Successful trainees will receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • All ACT Courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • All SEN Courses are certified by CPD Certification Service UK
  • ACT is a member of The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET)
  • ACT is an institutional member of International Association of Special Education (IASE)

Trainer Profiles

Dr Amrita Panda

Dr Amrita Panda is a Doctor of Philosophy, Experimental Cognitive Psychology & Rehabilitation, University of Calcutta and holds Master Degree in Experimental Psychology, University of Calcutta. She has also completed Certificate Course in Music Therapy, Chennai School of Music Therapy, India in association with IMC University of Applied Science, Krems, Austria and Certificate course on Applied Behavior Analysis, Geneva Centre for Autism, Toronto, Canada.

Ms.Kuhurina Basu

Ms. KuhurinaBasu holding M.A., M.Sc., has 30 years of teaching and 10 years of administrative experience in Mumbai, India and London, UK. She is CACHE certified teacher trainer and has been Master Trainer and Centre Head for the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers in Navi Mumbai. She has also served as ESOL tutor, mentor and administrator at East London Business College, London.

Ms. Anamika Mukherjee

Ms. Anamika Mukherjee is a CACHE certified teacher trainer with 5+ years of rich experience in teaching adults.

Ms. Aditi Ghosh

Ms. Aditi Ghosh is an internationally certified trainer in the field of Special Education with an extensive experience of 17 years in training adult learners.

Ms. Rimpa Ghosh

Ms. RimpaGhosh holds B.A in English from the University of Calcutta. She has done the 120-hour in-class TESOL program and successfully cleared the TESOL Canada Board Exam. She is also a certified IELTS trainer and her areas of expertise are Communicative English, Early Childhood Education, Experiential Learning, Leadership Skill Training and Mentoring and Soft Skills training. She has facilitated a variety of training programs with adult learners.


Empowering Students with Learning Disabilities 10th February 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday
Managing ADHD in an Inclusive Classroom 17th February 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday
Supporting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in an Inclusive Classroom 24th February 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday
Managing EBD (Emotional Behavioural Disorders) 2nd March 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday
Role of IEP with Supporting Diverse Learners in Inclusive Classroom 9th March 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday
Differentiated Instruction and Assessment 16th March 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday
Art and Music Therapy for SEN students 23rd March 2024 3 pm to 6pm Saturday






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