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ADHD Signs And Symptoms In Adults Vs In Children

26th October 2022

ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental special need that affects your ability to function in various aspects of your life such as school, at work and even at home. ADHD can cause visible changes in one’s everyday life the signs in children and adults vary. These are sometimes difficult to recognize.

If one is interested to know more about the nuances and details of ADHD then it is important to know that there are a range of ADHD courses online that one learns and be educated from.

Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Brain Injuries: Some people with brain injuries in the childhood exhibit symptoms and signs of ADHD and suffer from the condition at the various stages of life. Childhood, Teenage, Adulthood, Mid Adulthood and Old age too.

Genetics: Studies research and findings have shown that ADHD runs in the family. Some genes have been identified as the source and reason for causing this condition in different stages of life.

Environment: Studies and findings have shown that smoking and alcohol in pregnant mothers have and can also cause ADHD and risks of it from a very early stage. Pre-schoolers exposed to lead have higher risks of ADHD and developing it solidly at a later stage.

How Does ADHD Differ In Adults And Children?

Hyperactivity: For adults with ADHD, it is difficult for them to remain calm. They have difficulty in sticking to one job, resulting in their movement from one job to the other. For them, active time management is a huge challenge. They doodle, fidget, move around their limbs unnecessarily showing signs of extreme lack of all over focus and stability. They leave programs and tasks incomplete and also find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships. They all exhibit risky behaviours and prefer fast paced activities.

Where as in children it is commonly seen that they too have a preference of wanting to be in motion all the time. Adults are commonly restless where as children are all the time seen to be in constant motion. Children keep jumping, running, have trouble in remaining seated and talk excessively.

Most creative approaches to support an ADHD child in your classroom

Inattention: Adults are very poor employees. The lose track of time, remain certain tasks incomplete, have difficulty in time management and are poorly motivated. The lose important documents, papers are heavily disorganized and fail to achieve any sharp deadlines. Children on the other hand very low attention span find it majorly difficult to pay attention in class for a longer period of time. They have difficulty in moving from one activity to the other and are very forgetful. They do not process information well enough and keep doing silly mistakes at school.

Impulsivity: About 50% of adults with ADHD have anxiety and depression both. The symptoms and severity of symptoms of each may vary from person to person. Adults with impulsivity exhibit signs like destroying household budget and income budget, involving in risky behaviour like drugs, addiction, alcohol, speed driving, spending money excessively etc.

Adults interrupt during conversations and are often hurtful and impulsive. Whereas for children they find it really difficult to focus and concentrate in one place in class, act without thinking of consequences and are always in a hurry.

To End With

ADHD is very much treatable and can be totally cured if a proper streamlined treatment is given from the time of diagnosis. Early diagnosis can help improve conditions and can contribute to a healthy life of both children and adults simultaneously. It is by all means is a time-oriented treatment which at different phases show valuable results and keeps improving more with practice. One can consider ADHD courses online to know the concept better and become a subject matter expert in it.

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Written By : Park Jin Ae

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