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Prepare Yourself As A Substitute Teacher With Cumulative Special Education Courses

20th March 2023

As the old adage goes, "failing to plan is planning to fail." This sentiment is particularly true when it comes to education. One of the most important aspects of a successful classroom is having a plan in place. But what happens when the teacher is absent and a substitute takes over? Preparing for a substitute teacher is essential to ensuring that students continue to learn and they can thrive in the teaching field at special schools.

When a teacher is absent, the substitute teacher takes on a significant responsibility. They must not only manage the class but also ensure that the students continue to learn and progress in their studies. Without adequate preparation, the substitute teacher may struggle to maintain control of the classroom or teach the material effectively. As a result, students may become disengaged, and valuable instructional time may be wasted.

Key Reasons Why Substitute Teacher Training Is Essential

A day in the life of a substitute teacher

There are several key reasons why it is essential to prepare for a substitute teacher:

  1. Continuity of Instruction

    First and foremost, preparing for a substitute teacher ensures that there is continuity in learning. When a regular teacher is absent, it can be disruptive for students. They may feel disoriented or disconnected from their usual routine. Preparing for a substitute teacher helps to minimize this disruption by ensuring that there is a plan in place to continue the learning process. This could include providing lesson plans, creating worksheets, or preparing relevant materials for the substitute teacher to use.

    Students may often feel confused or fall behind if they miss a critical lesson or do not receive clear instruction. Thus, by preparing for the substitute teacher, the regular teacher can ensure that the students receive instruction that is consistent with their current lessons and objectives.

  2. Classroom Management

    Maintaining classroom management is essential for student success. When a teacher is absent, students may take advantage of the situation and become unruly or disruptive. A well-prepared substitute teacher will have a clear understanding of classroom rules and expectations and be able to manage student behavior effectively.

  3. Safety

    Teachers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their students, but this responsibility does not end when they are absent. Additionally, a substitute teacher helps to maintain a positive learning environment. Students may become restless or disruptive when there is a change in routine. By preparing for a substitute teacher, teachers can ensure that their students are engaged and motivated to learn, even when their regular teacher is absent.

    Moreover, a substitute teacher must be aware of any potential safety concerns, such as allergies or medical conditions, and be prepared to handle emergencies. By providing the substitute teacher with this information, the regular teacher can ensure that their students remain safe and secure.

  4. Professionalism

    Teachers are professionals, and it is essential to maintain professionalism even when absent from the classroom. By providing clear and concise instructions to the substitute teacher, the regular teacher can demonstrate their commitment to their profession and ensure that their students receive quality instruction.

    Preparing for a substitute teacher provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their teaching practices. It allows them to review their lesson plans and identify areas that may need improvement. This can lead to professional development opportunities for teachers, which can ultimately benefit their students in the long run.

  5. Benefit To The Overall School Community

    Preparing for a substitute teacher also benefits the substitute themselves. By providing a detailed plan and relevant materials, the substitute teacher can focus on delivering quality instruction rather than spending time planning lessons. This can lead to a more positive experience for the substitute and better learning outcomes for the students.

    In addition, preparing for a substitute teacher can also have a positive impact on the overall school community. It demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a high standard of education, even in the absence of a regular teacher. It also shows that the school values the time and efforts of its substitute teachers, which can help to attract and retain talented individuals in the field.

How Can Teachers You For A Substitute Teacher?

How Can Teachers You For A Substitute Teacher

So, what steps can teachers take to prepare for a substitute teacher? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create Detailed Lesson Plans

The substitute teacher needs to know exactly what is expected of them in terms of instruction. Leaving detailed lesson plans that outline the objectives, materials, and procedures for each class period will help the substitute teacher stay on track and ensure that students continue to learn.

  • Provide Classroom Rules and Procedures

Every classroom has unique rules and procedures that students are expected to follow. Provide clear instructions on classroom management, such as classroom rules and procedures. This will help to ensure that the substitute teacher can maintain a positive learning environment.

  • Provide Emergency Information

In case of an emergency, the substitute teacher needs to know what to do. The regular teacher should provide contact information for the school nurse, principal, and other relevant personnel, as well as any specific emergency procedures that the substitute teacher should follow.

  • Leave Feedback Forms

Feedback forms are an excellent way for the regular teacher to receive feedback from the substitute teacher about how the day went. This feedback can be used to improve future planning and ensure that students continue to receive high-quality instruction even when the regular teacher is absent.

In addition to these suggestions, it is also important to establish clear communication between the regular teacher and the substitute teacher. The regular teacher should be available by phone or email to answer any questions the substitute teacher may have and provide additional support if needed.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

You cannot always predict and plan your leaves thus it is essential to plan ahead of time so that you are left with fewer or no worries. Being trained as a substitute teacher and having a teacher binder will help your classes run seamlessly and you can attend your emergency commitments knowing that your sessions are taken care of.

However, if you are a new teacher who has just started to work with special needs students and has no plans in place as a substitute teacher, consider pursuing SEN Courses for teachers to make the transition less stressful.

Written By : Park Jin Ae

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