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Lucrative Career Paths Available For Master of Arts In Education With Special Education Graduates

14th April 2023

Research reveals that in the year 2020-2021, 15% of the public schools in the US received special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Special education is a growing and demanding field and hence having a Master of Arts in Education with Special Educational Needs will set you apart from other potential job candidates and give you an added advantage. Since it is a highly desirable degree that offers the degree holder a great deal of opportunities and flexibility for career advancement, here are seven jobs on which you can try your hands.

Top Careers You Can Pursue With A Master of Arts in Education with Special Education

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In addition to teaching, here is a list of other high-demand careers that can help you fulfill your calling to work with children with special needs:

  1. Special Education Teacher

    As a special education teacher, you'll work with students who have a variety of disabilities, such as autism, learning disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders. You'll develop and implement individualized education plans (IEPs) to meet each student's needs, and you'll work closely with parents, administrators, and other educators to ensure that your students receive a quality education.

    You can either be a classroom teacher and work at the preschool, elementary, middle, or high school level or, you can also be a private tutor to families who are afraid to send their special needs children to school. Depending on your qualifications and location as a classroom teacher you can earn around $61,820 annually while as a tutor you can earn around $24.82 per hour.

  2. Behavior Analyst

    Behavior analysts work with individuals who have behavioral challenges, such as those with autism, developmental disabilities, or mental health disorders. As a behavior analyst, you'll assess each person's behavior, develop strategies to help them overcome their challenges, and monitor their progress over time.

    If you enjoy working with a team of people and are determined to help your student succeed, this career option is the right fit for you. As a behavior specialist, you might work in one or more schools or might even find yourself in a residential treatment center, intervention program camp, group home, etc. The earning potential for such specialists ranges approximately from $52,388-$66,861 per annum.

  3. Speech-Language Diagnostician

    As a speech-language pathologist, you'll work with individuals who have communication disorders, such as stuttering, voice disorders, or language delays. You'll assess each person's speech and language abilities, develop treatment plans, and provide therapy to help them improve their communication skills.

    As a diagnostician you might have to meet up with teachers and parents very often to help them design appropriate learning plans thus, evaluating a student's progress along the way. Since most diagnostician or tester position requires a master's degree, this will serve as a great way to advance your training while helping others. As a diagnostician, you might expect to earn anywhere around $80,078 per year.

  4. Educational Specialist

    Education specialists work with individuals who have physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities to help them improve their ability to perform everyday tasks, such as dressing, eating, and grooming. As specialists, you'll assess each person's abilities and develop treatment plans to help them achieve their goals.

    You might also take part in communicating student progress and expectations with parents, teachers, guardians, or guidance counselors. Additionally, it might also be part of the job to design and formulate procedures to help them determine whether or not the program objectives are consistently being met. As an educational specialist, you might expect to earn around $22.30 per hour depending on the number of hours you work.

  5. Special Education Administrator

    Special education administrators oversee special education programs in schools, districts, or other organizations. As a special education administrator, you'll develop policies and procedures to ensure that students with disabilities receive appropriate services and support, manage budgets and staff, and work with families, educators, and community members to promote inclusive education.

    You can also be the dean of students where you will manage and supervise the admissions office and offer structure and proactive leadership. You can also find opportunities as academic coordinators, program managers, etc allowing you to earn around $126,897 per annum.

  6. Education Consultant

    Education consultants provide expert advice and support to schools, districts, or other organizations on how to improve their special education programs. As an education consultant, you'll conduct assessments, develop strategic plans, provide professional development for educators, and evaluate program outcomes.

    You also offer individual assistance to students by helping them prepare for making transitions in education programs. As a consultant, you will also advise them about college selection, admission procedures, and how to prepare for college entrance exams. As an education consultant, you can earn around $69,309 annually.

  7. Researcher And Curriculum Leader

    Researchers in special education investigate the effectiveness of educational interventions for individuals with disabilities, develop new theories and models for understanding disability, and contribute to the development of policies and practices that promote inclusive education. As a researcher, you may work in universities, research institutions, or government agencies.

    As curriculum leaders, you will have a positive approach toward curriculum development while ensuring all the targets are set and met. You will also create expectations for how the curriculum must be covered and select instructional materials required for implementation. Assisting teachers with incorporating new technology in the classroom is also a part of your job. As a researcher and curriculum leader, you might expect to earn approximately $61,837 per annum.

Next Steps In Your Career.

A Master of Arts in Education with Special Educational Needs is one of the most remarkable fields available in today's world and hence the requirements for qualified professionals to fill these positions are also increasing. Hence, if you are intrigued by working with children if special needs, then undoubtedly, this is the right choice for you. Advance yourself and enjoy the ripe opportunities that are there in store for you. Take your career to the next level.

Written By : Laura Taylor

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