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Breaks Over, Learning On! 4 Strategies To Keep Your Special Need Learners Engaged

25th June 2024

During any long vacation or even after the school day ends, students tend to become carefree at that time and their mind switches from learning mode to fun mode. However, when school resumes educators, families and even caregivers need to come up with certain strategies to bring attention back to children with special needs and engage them in their learning process.

If you are also stuck in the spiral of how you can engage your special little ones with their learning journey, then we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the effective tips to keep learners engaged with easy-to-follow classroom management techniques.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Utilize Your Already Used Resources

Start to think about which resources, tools, assignments, or activities you had used previously that engage your special needs student fully with the learning process. What method do you use and how do you teach them lessons that reap more positive outcomes for your students?

Example- Through role play students learn better in their grammar subject previously.

If you are a parent or caregiver, you can ask your special little ones which assignments or teaching methods make them fall in love with the learning process more. You can use those methods in your home environment to keep them engaged.

Example- Read a particular story together with them that loved the most in past classes.

Try To Connect With Your Special Needs Children

Consider adding various activities related to identity exploration into your lesson plans. This will give the opportunity to your special needs students to share about their cultural backgrounds, personal experiences, and personal interests which shape them into who they are today.

For example- Write an essay about their family, hometown, etc.

As a parent or caregiver, you can share knowledge about family background and different cultures to make them aware of it and accept other backgrounds as well.

For example- You can teach about certain traditions and cultures and then let them ask about their peer’s cultures and traditions which will expand their understanding.

Constantly Review Expectations and Daily Routines

After long breaks, students tend to stay away for a longer period of time. As a responsible educator, you must ensure that students are in sync of classroom routines, commitment, and agenda.

For example- You can hang classroom routines and commitments for students near the classroom door which helps them to follow those classroom regulations and routines.

As a parent or caregiver, you can get to know about the routines and commitments that their children follow. You can implement those routines in your home as well.

For example- With what activities students get to indulge in after recess which helps them to get engaged with their learning again.

Encourage Students To Connect With Each Other

After the long break from school, you can consider forming multiple groups of special needs students according to their strengths, talents, and skills to connect with each other and get a hang of their peers.

For example- You can conduct a problem-solving activity that requires the collaboration of multiple students.

As a parent and caregiver, you can teach your special little ones the importance of working in team and together.

For example- You can have a game night in your home and conduct group-oriented games like- escape room challenges. To make things more fun you can invite their friends also.

Tips To Keep Your Special Need Learners Engaged

After the long breaks, special needs students might still be in a fun and in holiday mood. However, as a responsible special need educators, parent, or caregiver you can smooth the return of your special little ones into school by using the above-mentioned classroom management techniques and tips to keep your special needs learners engaged with their learning journey.

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Written By : Laura Taylor

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