Special Education Courses in UAE

Special Education Courses in UAE – Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

Provided by Asian College of Teachers have been designed keeping in mind the requirement of all those who want to gain some knowledge on the different kinds of learning disabilities found in children. This course gives you detailed information about Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism and teaches you different ways to guide children in acquiring knowledge and learn successfully. If you want to receive training to learn ways and methods to deal with children with SEN, this is the perfect course for you.

Course Details

ACT has come up with Special Education courses for teachers in UAE who want to educate and support children with special needs in a classroom. If you want to gain knowledge about disabilities like Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism, this course will give you a clear idea and develop your knowledge on the various aspects of SEN.

Learning Disabilities (LD) - If you aspire to be a Teaching Assistant then grab this opportunity to select any of these courses on learning disabilities as it teaches you the principles and techniques to deal with children having learning disabilities. The course will provide you an opportunity to develop a rewarding career and guide children within a school setting.

ADHD - ADHD courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are typically developed for both aspiring and working teachers who want to support and guide children suffering from ADHD.The course will give you an idea about the facts related to ADHD and also teach you methodologies and ways to manage the unique challenges faced by ADHD students.

Autism - The autism courses for teachers in UAE provided by ACT in 3 different levels focus on the various aspects of the disability. The course provides the aspirants an overall idea on Autism and acquaints them with the various methods in dealing autistic kids in the classroom. It also gives you a broader aspect of autism and its allied disabilities and provides effective learning to children.

The SEN online courses by ACT are available in 3 different levels i.e. Certificate level, Diploma level and the P G Diploma level. The duration, eligibility and fees for all the three level are mentioned below.

Course Duration Eligibility Fee
Certificate 4 months 10+2 13,000 INR
Diploma 8 months 10+2 18,000 INR
PG Diploma 12 months Bachelor’s degree 35,000 INR

Job Prospects

Most of the schools in UAE require special education teachers to have minimum 2 years of relevant experience in special education.


Candidates require a Bachelors of Education for Special Educations at the Elementary and/or Early Years grade levels. Preference will be given to candidates with relevant graduate degrees if all other elements are equal.

What are the responsibilities of a Special Education Teacher in UAE?

How much does a Special Education Teacher make in UAE?







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SEN Classroom Courses
ACT SEN courses

SEN Courses by ACT provides an insight into the techniques to be employed in an inclusive classroom and while handling varied learners. Get familiar with the principles and methodologies of to teach children with learning difficulties and develop special skills to handle your learners deftly.

This is a very helpful course. It gives me more information and understanding in coping with children with special needs.

Philippines, Dasmarinas City

Experience was good . . . Looking forward to have a great future in this field with the knowledge gained from the course.

Online SEN Courses
Online courses

Asian College of Teachers offers a selected range of unique courses in Special Education, Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities for both aspiring and working teaching professionals interested in the field of SEN. Courses are offered in online mode and can be pursued from anywhere.

Blended SEN Courses
Blended courses

Blended Courses in Special Education are designed for those willing to step into the world of SEN and study in both a traditional setting and online mode. The blended course emphasizes ADHD, Autism, other learning disabilities, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s Syndrome.

ACT gave me the opportunity to truly understand the children with special needs. The lessons given in every module was truly helpful and useful for a teacher like me.

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